Waste Partners inc.

The Beginning of our Garbage & Recycling Journey in Pine River, Minnesota

About Waste Partners

Waste Partners serving the greater Lakes Area, was created by father and son, Gary and Eric Loge in 1998. They purchased a small used oil filters recycling business.

Used oil filters were collected from area businesses and service stations, drained, crushed, and then recycled as scrap metal.

In April of 2000, Waste Partners acquired a small garbage collection business (Grinning Bear Sanitation) in Pine River, Minnesota starting their journey.

One month later, Waste Partners purchased a second hauler in the area (Filsmyer Disposal)

Who we are

Gary and Eric started Waste Partners with combined corporate and private industry experience of over 30 years.

Gary had previously owned a private collection business in the Lakes Area (Poor Gary’s Disposal 1981 to 1992). Prior to this business, Gary had owned many different enterprises in several industries including: restaurants, grocery store, meat market, motel, home construction, well drilling, pilot training, airplane sales, etc…


Eric worked for Poor Gary’s Disposal while also going to college. When Gary sold his business to Northern Waste Systems (a regional hauler serving Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota), Eric stayed to run the division. Northern Waste Systems then sold its operations to Waste Management Inc. the world’s largest trash collection company.

Eric remained the manager and expanded his duties to running the Alexandria Division and operating the St. Cloud Division Transfer Station. Eric left Waste Management in 1998 to assume the duties of General Manager for Superior Services of St. Paul. A month later Superior Services sold their operations to Vivendi, a French conglomerate. Eric remained the GM here until March of 2000, just prior to beginning Waste Partners.


Meet Our Team

Drey Loge

Growing up in the family business as an adolescent, my experience began with cart washing, de-bagging yard waste, and other “less than desirable” general tasks. Thus, I truly enjoyed the rare occasion I was allowed to ride the back of the truck and pick residential stops in our beautiful neck of the woods.  As a 3rd generation co-owner of Waste Partners, I will see to it that the values, quality, and commitment of the past will remain firmly engrained in our culture and services you have come to trust.

Eric Loge

 I began Waste Partners in April of 2000 with the intent of providing better pricing, better service, and the best value to the residents of the Lakes Area. 20+ years later, I believe Waste Partners has accomplished that goal. With more than 40 years of experience in the solid waste services industry, I will continue to deliver the customer service and quality you have come to expect from your local hauler, Waste Partners.

Jace Loge

Like my brother, Drey, I also grew up in the industry doing the same tasks. Thus, when provided the opportunity to actually operate equipment, I jumped at it. Ever since I have had a knack for operating Waste Partners’ wide variety of equipment. Whether it be rear-load, side-load, front-load, split-body, or skid-steer – equipment operation and route navigation has been a strength. I am currently the Operations Manager tasked with overseeing our residential, commercial, and recycling collection services and ensure our customers receive the excellent quality we preach.

Jeff Glewwe

As General Manager, I am responsible for overall operations. I joined Waste Partners five years ago yet have over 25 years of experience in the solid waste and recycling industry. My claim to fame is that I actually hired Eric Loge to run a division of one of the national waste companies I was a regional manager of. Since then and prior to joining Waste Partners, I worked 10 years as a financial analyst with over the road transportation company as well as obtained my C.P.A. license. This industry while challenging in many respects, has rewarded me with nary a dull moment and many life-long friendships.

John Laufersweiler

I began as a mechanic with the Loge family at Poor Gary’s Disposal and remained with Eric and the company that bought them until the formation of Waste Partners. I was hired as their Maintenance Manager and was offered ownership as well. As a D.O.T. Certified, Class A Licensed, Certified Diesel Mechanic with 35+ years of experience, I am tasked with scheduling and coordinating our resources and vendors to keep our fleet operating safe and efficiently.

Wayne Harting

I joined Waste Partners in 2012, and now have more than 20 years of experience in the solid waste services industry. I assist with customer service and handle a vast majority of our commercial sales. I also deal with division compliance of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, DOT Compliance, facility inspections, Permit by Rule, OSHA & MPCA requirements, claims management, as well as safety & new hire training.



Chamber Members


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