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“Minnesota Solid Waste Disclosure Statement”

In accordance with Minnesota State Law, The Waste Management Act requires that solid waste haulers disclose the destination of your waste.  In addition, the Minnesota Legislature requires Minnesota haulers to provide the following statement to their customers:

“You may be responsible for any liability that results from contamination at a facility where your waste has been deposited.  Minnesota believes that its waste management system provides substantially more financial and environmental protection than depositing waste in landfills in other states.  Managing your waste in Minnesota may minimize your potential liability.”

Waste Partners, Inc. utilizes only properly licensed and permitted disposal facilities that meet or exceed both Federal and State Environmental Regulations.  Waste Partners, Inc. utilizes the following disposal facilities as primary disposal facilities for mixed municipal solid waste: Crow Wing County Sanitary Landfill, Oak Lawn Township, Crow Wing County, Minnesota, MPCA permit #SW-376 and Cass County Transfer Station, Backus, Cass County, Minnesota, MPCA permit #SW-419.