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Seasonal Service Subscription

Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, we understand that many of our customers enjoy the beautiful lakes area on a seasonal basis during the warmer summer months. In an effort to make our service as customer-friendly and efficient as possible, we are excited to announce the Seasonal Service Subscription program.

The Seasonal Service Subscription is now being offered to our customers that start and suspend their service on a consistent schedule each year. We would like to make the process of starting and/or suspending your seasonal service more customer-friendly, and automated, for those customers who know when their service will begin and end each year.

We have found that we have a large number of seasonal customers that begin their service in May and suspend their service at the end of October, and a large number of customers that begin their service in May and suspend their service the end of November. We realize that these two seasonal subscriptions time periods don’t fit for everyone, and customers will continue to be able to call each season to start and suspend their service.

Some of the advantages of the Seasonal Service Subscription include:

  • No need to call in the spring to start service or call in the fall to suspend service.
  • Receive one invoice for the service for your entire seasonal time period.
  • Receive a discount off the regular seasonal service monthly rate.
  • Service automatically ends the last week of the subscription (October or November).
  • Service automatically starts the first week of May.

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Seasonal Service Subscription Form