What if I have tires throw away?

The State of Minnesota passed a State Statute banning waste tires from any landfills. Please call our office to make arrangements for collection of these items.  An additional charge is required for the collection of these items based on location. Another option would be Crow Wing County Solid Waste Site or Cass

What if I have Motor Oil to dispose?

Both Crow Wing and Cass county have drop sites where can bring your used oil. Check out your County website for locations of disposal sites in your area.

What if I have an electronic appliance(s) to dispose?

Please call our office for pricing and to make arrangements for collection of these. It is against the law to put these items in with your regular trash and requires us to collect them separately. An additional charge is required for the collection of these items and is based on

What can I do with used batteries?

Batteries of all kinds can be disposed of at the household hazards waste facility in your county. You can also store them up and mail back to the manufacturer. Automotive stores that sell batteries also collect and dispose of used car batteries.

What should I do with florescent light bulbs?

Florescent lightbulbs should not be disposed of in your regular garbage due to mercury concerns. Recycling fluorescent bulbs is required by law by the Minnesota Dept. of Environmental Quality https://www.aircycle.com/resources/state-regulations/mn.aspx Most hardware stores have a program to recycle bulbs. Florescent lightbulbs are not accepted in our residential curbside recycling program.

How do I dispose of liquid medications?

Liquid medications can be disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Filled syringes are not accepted; contact your pharmacy or physician’s office about disposal options.

How do I dispose of needles?

Needles that no longer have medication in them can be disposed in the garbage. Place needles in a sturdy container such as a sharps container or coffee can, seal the container with duct tape, write the word “sharps” on them and place in your refuse. We would appreciate a call so a