Why is there a “Fuel Component” listed on my invoice?

The Fuel Component part of your invoice is the component of your service that is related to the cost of diesel fuel and is a component of the overall cost of your collection service. The Fuel Component portion of your invoice changes when the cost of diesel fuel reaches certain price

Where should I place my cart for collection?

Your cart should be placed at the end of your driveway or at the alley line. Please place carts within three feet behind the curb/roadside, away from poles, mailboxes, vehicles, etc. with the lid opening facing the street.

Do you have seasonal collection rate?

If you are gone for at least two months within a calendar year you can get on our seasonal rate. While the rate is a little higher you are only charged for the time you are here.

Can I pay with a credit card over the phone?

You can call our office to make a payment over the phone - however there is an extra cost of $3.29. A better option may be going on our website; Online Payments and you can make the same payment with no additional charge. You will need account number and password (password is

Is there a charge for Residential Recycling?

Minnesota Statute 115A.93 states, a licensing authority shall prohibit mixed municipal solid waste collectors from imposing a greater charge on residents who recycle than on residents who do not recycle. Therefore, there is not an additional charge for residential recycling in the areas that we provide recycling service. What the State does

What time do you pick up my garbage and recycling?

Our commercial drivers start around 3am in order to get into the accounts that will be blocked by cars once people start getting to work. Our residential drivers begin their routes at 5:30 am (even earlier on holiday weeks when dump times are reduced). Collection times will vary during the year