How can you tell if my garbage was missed by your driver or if I didn’t get out in time?

We have a process our drivers complete with each stop that is not “out” for collection in order to earn their bonus each week. They must circle the stop and write down the time they were by so we can communicate that information to our customers.

In addition, most new garbage trucks are equipped with cameras that record from three directions (front/rear/ and street-side). These are very valuable tools for issues like this as well as accident investigation or driving complaints.

We have also learned of many situations that tend to get people off schedule. For instance, any time school is closed/late we get several calls because kids are often given this task as a responsibility, but were not up that morning to take out in time.

Holiday weeks are also known for getting people off their typical routines and often put trash out on the wrong day or after the collection truck has serviced the area.

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