Is there a charge for Residential Recycling?

Minnesota Statute 115A.93 states, a licensing authority shall prohibit mixed municipal solid waste collectors from imposing a greater charge on residents who recycle than on residents who do not recycle.

Therefore, there is not an additional charge for residential recycling in the areas that we provide recycling service.

What the State does allow is for us to allocate a portion of your bill to a non-taxable service if you have recycling service. This portion of your bill is non – taxable in terms of the Solid Waste Management Tax.

What this amounts to is you saving the tax 9.75% SWM Tax on this portion of your bill (around 60 to 70 cents per month savings).  If you called and said you would no longer like to recycle, the entire amount of your collection service would be taxable and you would be paying more per month for your garbage bill because it would all be taxed.

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